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Swapping Source of Responsive Images in Dart

When building a responsive site it isn’t enough to change the dimensions of images to match the window, we also need to think about the mobile user’s data usage. Bootjack does a great job of keeping images resized, but what do we do to serve up the right image size for each device? In this post I’ll code up one method, then reject it in favour of another.

The Overworking Pomodoro

The concept of overworking can be quite arduous – it can seem like wasting time until you find that there is more to do.

A Couple of DocPad Delights

Having found that it is quite hard to convert the boostrap+jade skeleton into bootstrap + coffeekup I see there is one there already.

But it doesn’t work.

So I’m using the Jade bootstrap because it is high time I get on with it.

Jade is lovely.

I’ve found another delight in DocPad –

Related content – for some reason, as yet undiscovered, a collection based on document.relatedDocuments picks up all those who have at least one tag in common.

On Not Buying ConceptDraw

Having spent a couple of days with ConceptDraw I am very reluctant to buy despite it being an able diagramming tool, with all the facilities to produce professional and attractive process maps and any other business diagram you could think of.

Installing node.js and Npm on CentOS

Installing node.js on CentOS is a bit of a bugger as there are no rpm’s. But there are these very helpful posts:

The first from Lex Sheehan: How to Install Node.js on CentOS

And, because you’ll definitely want npm, the king package management system for node, you will need Python 2.7 – but because you are stuck on CentOS which uses a really crap package management system (yes, yum) that depends on python 2.4 you’ll need this post from Joshua Kehn: Upgrading Python on CentOs