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The Dark Side of the Name

There is a serious side to this moniker ‘theTechnaddict’

Some years ago, following divorce, I was having to raise massive amounts of cash every month just to break even, with my savings accounts frozen by the machinations of my recently beloved.

I was a consultant, independent in name, at the mercy of a consultancy house in practice. The consultancy house was not doing too well in the domestic market [read no clients] and would not send a single parent abroad on the client work that had been my bread and butter for years.

Coding at night and weekends became a way of making ends meet.

This mercy tipped over into very unhealthy behaviour when I started to code into the days as well, and when I started run out of things to make I started to go fishing for the next good idea, or for the next skill that would solve my problems.

You can never have enough skill.

Every hour can be filled searching for an answer.

And since true answers are nowhere but in oneself, then searching outside has no bounds, and no result.

These days I limit my searching, and tie everything back to output.

Even if it is only this little blog.