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The Overworking Pomodoro

The concept of overworking can be quite arduous – it can seem like wasting time until you find that there is more to do.

One of the hidden gems of the pomodoro technique is the practice of continuing to work right to the end of a pomodoro, even if you think you have finished 2 minutes into a 25 minute period. This is called overworking.

The practice is literally demanding – it asks you to reach in and do more and the results are always surprising.

Each time, however sterile it feels at the start, I find something to find. Sometimes, most often, it is in the material I have been working with – something I could work just that little bit more, a new angle that was sitting just out of sight; occasionally, when I am exhausted with the material I find something new inside myself. It wakes me up again, turns me from robot back into a creative human being.

So this waste of time is hugely valuable: it can make the difference between good work and excellent work and it can make your life feel richer.