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When DocPad Is Like Rummikub

Or how to feel really stupid

Rummikub is a tile game based on the card game rummy. Like the card game you can have sets of the same number in different suits and runs of consecutive numbers in the same colour. The great invention is that to get a tile down on the table you can mash them up with tiles already on the table create new runs or collections. If you can’t put anything down you have to pick up a tile.

Having picked up in frustration on two consecutive goes, having spent an age mentally shuffling all the tiles on the table to create a means to place a black four, my partner leant forward and placed the very same 4 on the table – after tiles 1,2 and 3.

Paragraph 1 of ‘build the blog’ in the Beginners Guide, the section that cuts you loose to really start learning – it gives a set of tasks and loads of clues, but not the answers.

First task, to build a page that ‘uses the default template’ had me scurrying around referencing every skeleton I could, and downloading all the examples that include source to work out what this ‘using’ meant.

Sometime after I gave up the answer walked up and gave me three slaps in the face - - -

They talk about the beauty of simplicity, but for someone with complex tendencies, it can be really annoying.